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COVID-19 Airline Important Updates

Dear customer, the airlines may change their rules without notice and at their discretion. Though we are updating the same here, given the ever- evolving situation, we request you to please check the policies with the airline too, before making any changes to your travel plans.

As a precautionary health measure, our support team is operating with a limited team. Please avoid calling us unless you're travelling in the next 98 hours so that we can help those needing urgent assistance. Pls, mail us with your requests to sales@laesperanza.co.in. With reference to all cancellation/rescheduling, we are working closely with the Airlines for a swift resolution. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

You may also call the airlines or visit their websites for urgent cancellations and mention the same in your e-mails to us. Refunds will be processed as per the airline policy and wherever refund is applicable, a refund will be processed to your account as soon as possible.

As we resume operations, considering the COVID-19 situation, different state governments have laid out their respective protocols for passengers arriving at their airports.

Before you travel, make sure to read and understand the complete guidelines of the city/state you are travelling to and comply with the same so as to ease your travel plans.

Click Here to download the customer support guide for state-wise regulations updated as of 22nd June, 2020.

State-regulations are subject to change, please also visit the state government website for further details.

Guidelines for Air Passengers

1) Passengers should arrive at the airport two hours before departure

2) Passengers must agree to completing self-declaration forms and registering on Aarogya Setu App

3) Passengers will only be allowed into the terminal after passing a thermal screening

4) Passengers must check in online; there will be no physical check-in at airports. They must also use their e-boarding pass to board the aircraft

5) Passenger must download baggage tag / baggage identification number, print it and affix it on the bag at a prominent position

6) Passengers can check in only one item of baggage

7) All passengers must wear masks throughout the journey

8) Airlines must provide protection kits (three layered surgical masks, face shield and sanitizer) to every passenger

9) Wherever there is interaction with passengers, airport and airline staff will be protected by screens or face shields

10) Passengers must board the aircraft in batches of 10, and only after a temperature check

11) After landing, passengers will disembark the aircraft in batches, sequentially

12) Baggage must be sanitized, and baggage trollies will not be allowed

13) Social distancing of at least one meter at entry gates, screening zones and in the terminals

14) Airlines will need to keep seats free on-board to ensure physical distancing

15) There will be no meal service on board, and passengers cannot eat their own food

16) Cabin crew must wear protective gear - a full body gown, show cover, gloves, etc.

17) Downloading Arogya Setu app is mandatory and passengers with " Safe " alert will be allowed to board.